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The Glory of Tang Dynasty: Mini Review

Mid drama review for Mainland China drama – The Glory of Tang Dynasty starring Jing Tian and Ren Jia Lun

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Numero Uno – On books and love

So I have this theory, which probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone but I’m going to ramble on about it anyway because this is (or will be) my new year’s resolution. That is, to write about stuff that springs into my mind with little regard to what others might think. Right, my theory.…… Continue reading Numero Uno – On books and love

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Master’s Sun Mid-drama Review

Blog revival! Yay! Well, this is not quite a blog revival but rather a feeble attempt at blogging once again (and also to expressively fangirl over a kdrama!). It’s funny how I used to update my livejournal so often in the past, but yet I’m having such immense problems at coming back to blogging and…… Continue reading Master’s Sun Mid-drama Review