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Numero Uno – On books and love

So I have this theory, which probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone but I’m going to ramble on about it anyway because this is (or will be) my new year’s resolution. That is, to write about stuff that springs into my mind with little regard to what others might think.


Right, my theory. I reckon that people fall in love with books quite the same way we fall in love with people. With the pure exception that with books, we’re allowed to have ‘affairs’, lots of them. It’s technically not cheating because books have affairs too, they reach out to so many other people and have relationships with each and everyone of them that it’s only fair that we do the same. But well, we’ll save that for another post. So quite simply, books are basically like humans.

Some books look attractive and they suck you in with their gorgeous appearances which mask their rather hollow body. You get attracted to them purely for superficial reasons but when you start prying and getting to know them better, you realise that there’s really nothing in there that attracts you at all so you either stick it on a shelf and neglect it or you just try to pass it on, in hopes of finding a better one. One that makes you laugh, pushes the ends of your mouth upwards. One that challenges you to NOT fall head over heels with it, knowing well that there’s no way you’ll be able to escape it’s wit and prose.

Some books draw you in with their potentially amazing content and when it’s proven to be true, who cares about the graphics that encompasses what’s inside? They win you over so thoroughly that it might well be wrapped be newspapers and you’ll still pet it fondly and hug it to sleep (or at least have the urge to).

And then there are those books that you fall in love with but when you try to explain what is it about the book that you love, other people just DON’T seem to get it? They might envy your relationship and feel happy that you’ve found such an amazing book but they’ll never really get it.

You see, because books, like people, have chemistry with their readers. Not everyone experience the same chemistry and feelings for the same book. You might be falling head over heels with an amazing book, but the same relationship just doesn’t work out with another person. There’s no one to blame, but chemistry, really.
Are you seeing what I mean right now? There are so many parallels, it’s insane. Like when you’re reading a book, it’s like you two are on a date whereby the whole world seems to melt away and you’re swallowed up into this other world where only you and your book (and characters) exist.

If you actually made it to the end of this entry and don’t feel weirded out (this is considering I actually have an audience), feel free to say hi or recommend me a book that you love! New friends are always such a delight, and I mean new Internet friends, not real ones whom I have to make awkward small talk with.

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5 thoughts on “Numero Uno – On books and love

  1. This post is brilliant. Book ARE like people, and the relationships you build with them do have similarities to those built between people. It’s kind of funny! Perhaps that’s part of the reason why we can get so attached to them. Though if I really think about it, I’d say books are even better. 😉

    1. This reply is so late, but thank you Sam! I definitely agree that books are better (fictional men!) but we can’t seem to live without both, eh? Glad you liked this!

  2. Hi! I agree completely that there is a sort of relationship between book-and-reader that very much resembles people relationships. In addition to all the things you mentioned, books/people can also show us things about ourselves.

    Glad to meet a fellow reader/kdrama watcher! ^^

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