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It’s all in the memories <3

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho has for a pretty long time been my favourite kdrama, thanks to it’s amazing mix of humour, angst, adorable moments of love and pretty damn amazing characters (thank you Hong sisters). But Queen In Hyun’s Man has come pretty damn close to beating MGiaG, actually I think MGiaG is no.2 for now. I started the drama when there it was already halfway through and managed to watch all 8 episodes in one sitting. TVN has been pretty consistent in churning out really good dramas (with gorgeous casts such as Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, hehehe) recently and let’s just say you will not be disappointed with their latest offering.

Let me try to get my thoughts down in coherent sentences that do not repeat themselves, because I swear I’m amazing at squee-ing at a kdrama but when it comes to explaining why, I can never do it. Queen In Hyun’s Man is one of the many time travelling dramas (Rooftop Prince being its closest comparison I guess) to hit kdrama land recently. I had pretty neutral feelings towards the cast, going into the drama, and now that I’m done, I’m officially in love with both Ji Hyunwoo and Yoo Inna. Not only is their chemistry amazing, they just managed to portray their emotions so perfectly. Yoo Inna’s crying scenes will simply break your heart. Plus the characters are kinda perfect together. We have the bookish scholar with the bubbly, not-so-bright actress who’s still lovable (got to love her reason for the creation of the neck tie). No cliched chaebol jerks or overly nice guy with the poor female lead, just a very normal couple who fell in love and unfortunately had to battle with the problems of being born in different eras 😀 The drama also actually addresses the theme of time travelling and the consequences of it, how changing the past actually affects the future and the characters’ memories yada yada.

I hoped that even made sense.
With that, I will go back to moping the end of yet another amazing drama and I urge everyone who has the chance of reading this (hahaha, what are the odds of people even reading my little rant) to WATCH THE SHOW, if you haven’t already started. It’s amazing ❤


7 thoughts on “It’s all in the memories <3

  1. Is it funny? I really loved Rooftop Prince and I would definitely consider watching this one after reading your review of it, but I’m just finishing up Cinderella’s Sister right now and I just don’t know if I can handle one as angsty as this one right now lol. Don’t get me wrong, a good drama has to have some angst, but I also like them to have some good humor to balance it out. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is a perfect example of a really well balanced drama. Is it like that? I LOVE Gumiho, it’s my 2nd fav at the moment still, and I have watched A LOT of dramas in the past 6 months or so.

    1. Oops. I might have overemphasized on the angst. It really only sets in in the later episodes of the drama but we do get tiny doses here and there considering that the drama IS about time-traveling of course. I LOVED Rooftop Prince as well but that was kind of a different type of time-traveling drama as it touches more on solving the mystery in the joseon era and so on while QIHM is really all about the consequences and effect of time-traveling.

      Before I digress and to answer your question, yes it has humour, most definitely. And what makes QIHM one of my favourite dramas ever is the balance of humour and angst as well as how the story is well-thought out and paced such that every episode kinda leaves you wanting more (although having only 40+mins per ep may help on that). Definitely check it out! And trust me when I say it DEF won’t be as bad as Cinderella’s Sister, I don’t even know how you manage to finish that :/

      1. Okay I will definitely check it out then. I am on the last episode of Cinderella’s Sister right now and it is killing me lol. I liked it well enough to keep watching until about halfway through and then it started to go WAY overboard on the angst, but I figured I had already invested so much time in it that I would finish it off so I can write an accurate review of it. The way you are describing QIHM makes it sound like it would be a nice change from that lol.

      2. I think most dramas would be a nice change from Cinderella’s Sister, haha. Way too much angst and keyboard smashing for that drama.
        Will be keeping a lookout to see what you think of QIHM, enjoy!

      3. Oh crap, it might not have been fully subbed in english, and I kinda have no clue where you can watch it online, so sorry.
        I actually download the episodes with chinese subtitles.

      4. It’s okay I found it on and all of the episodes are subbed in English except the last 2, but they will be subbed by the time I get to them. You can read Chinese? That’s awesome!! My brother actually lives in China. He’s lived there for about 3 and a half years now. He teaches English at a boarding school in Guangzhou. He can speak Mandarin well enough to get by and read and write it a little. I wish I knew another language, but I don’t, except a little Spanish and some common words and phrases of Korean and Japanese I have learned by watching so many subtitled shows and movies. I was thinking of getting the Rosetta Stone program for Korean and Japanese. It’s my dream to go visit my brother within the next like year or two and while I’m on that side of the world go visit Japan and South Korea as well. I am working extra right now to save up the money to go and stay for maybe like a month over the summer (I’m a teacher so I get summers off unless I voluntarily teach summer school). Anyway lol, that’s probably too much info at once, I just get really excited about asian stuff and don’t have too many people to talk to about it that care lol.

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