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Today I don’t feel like doing anything…

Sometimes I just wish I have the gift of the gab and my blog posts would just type themselves. It seems that I always have the urge to blog, but just as I click the ‘New Post’ link and my fingers are placed on the keyboard, I can’t think of how to conjure up a decent post. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?

Anyhow, this last semester has been insane so far. They are out to kill the few of us left taking this last semester, I swear (JC kids, all the poly kids are done with university -_-). What little free time I have, I spent it on catching up with my shows and sleeping, which also translates to me not having a social life. /shrugs

I was just texting Suzana and she was saying how we need to blog more often with relevant content since we’re interested in the whole social media industry and it’s good to have blogging/social media experience firsthand. But seriously, how on earth do I blog about relevant content I have no idea. So I shall settle for boring the few people who are actually reading this right now with more photos.

Say hi to Mister Rabbit, my valentine’s present from dearest BFF.
Apparently we have so much telepathy that we gave each other the same rabbit with different clothes. So I thought, let’s document Mister Rabbit’s life. For a lack of creative juices, he’s currently named Mister Rabbit, FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST A BETTER NAME ❤


And that is the past 4 days in the life of Mister Rabbit (and 1 of my valentine’s date)!
With that, I say goodbye and go back to enjoying what’s left of my sad weekend.


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