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Exams are FINALLY over and I went to catch my first movie in several months (sad I know).

So damn glad  that lin asked me to watch 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 with her because the movie is tres amazing.
Caught it on the 10th and I’m still so hung up on it.
Granted that I can’t exactly relate to the movie in terms of the whole high school first love and all but it sure does bring back amazing high school memories, all the crushes and eye candies we used to have and all the immature moments we shared.
That said, I’m still annoyed and feeling crazy sad over the ending.
But regardless of some of the slower moments in the movie, it’s still amazing. The actors did a crazy good job, there was chemistry between the leads and the male lead is beyond cute. Plus he did SUCH a good job with his first acting gig!

Love the movie poster!

Plus I was so in love with the movie, I went to Kino to buy the book hehe.

Basically to sum it up, go catch the movie and you won’t regret it.
I’m actually thinking of catching it a second time 😛

PS. Took more photos but shall post them another time.
Somehow they don’t seem to fit in this post.


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