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Lets watch the ants go by

Once again, studying has driven me to the brink of insanity and I start online shopping and coming up with ideas that never seem to materialize.
However, I’m DETERMINED to have a picnic this holiday.
Let’s just hope the weather holds up and it really does happen.
I mean who wouldn’t love a nice lazy day at a park? Seriously. Especially after seeing photos like these.

Okay, fine. The last photo might not be too ‘picnic-y’ but it sure makes me wanna bring homemade lemonade to a picnic ♡

Speaking of picnics…
I would love to live in a caravan someday. I doubt I’ll survive for long, but still, it will be an experience.
And if all caravans look like this on the outside,

and this on the inside 😀 😀 😀


Yes, Suzana, I’m looking at you to make this all happen.

PS. I have quite a few long overdue posts which I hope to get up… soonish.
See, I’m so good at procrastinating that I can even do that for blogging (Y). Go me.


2 thoughts on “Lets watch the ants go by

    1. I think those people who took them alr photoshopped them haha.
      YES, must prepare n_____n
      Just us, food and your brother’s slr HAHA

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